Ruth Mercado Detailed and Realism Art


Striving to make art that reflects what we see with our eyes and touches our soul.

I get inspired by the beauty I see around me. Whether it's from nature or people I find interesting. There is so much beauty that our heavenly Father has put around us, yet so many people overlook it. I want to put that into my paintings so people can see this and have it touch their soul.

I work in several mediums, such as Graphite, Acrylic, Oil, and Colored Pencil. 

I also do floral arrangements from crepe-paper, when I'm not painting. 

I would love to help you bring a soul-touching painting to your home.

Go to my contact page to get started.

GRAPHITE ART:  This type of medium is my favorite! With the different pencil softness and hardness I can create different textures and depth. I love the detail I can create with this medium. 

I also do commissioned pieces; from people, pets and even automobiles. 

COLORED PENCIL:  Just like with the graphite pencils, I like to work very detailed with the colored pencils. The colors come together by layering them in such a way, that the colors blend smoothly.

OILS / ACRYLIC:  Paints are a whole different beast. I call it a beast because for me it's harder to control and do very detailed work compared to the pencils.  I do love mixing colors to create exactly what I need for a painting. It is amazing to me how many colors in the natural spectrum their is. I'll sometimes collect pieces from nature so I can match the colors I'm mixing for a specific painting.  

Crepe-Paper Flowers:  I started with is medium when I needed to create flowers for my son's wedding. I fell in love with it!  I love the challenge of creating a flower to resemble the real natural one. Each flower petal is hand cut and assembled one petal at a time. Sometimes I'll add a hint of added color to the petals with PanPastels, to create some depth. It is very intricate and detailed work that I love to do. 


Work in progress . . .

This piece I'm starting is in Colored Pencil and it's 16"x12"

I just was walking by a beach area and saw these items just sitting there, and found it so intriguing because of the seascape background. 

I'll keep you posted on updates.

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